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Some of the Garlic Festival Foods Products from Gilroy, California - USA
Spicy Herb Pickled Garlic - This our best selling pickled garlic. We eat 'em out of the jar, or use them for egg salad, tuna salad, sliced thin on sandwiches, etc.
Garli Garni All Purpose Seasoning - This is not an option for ordering. If you only get one thing... This is it. Use it for everything from eggs for breakfast to steaks at night.
Garli Ghetti - A blend of garlic, romano cheese, and herbs. Kind of like a pesto seasoning. Great on pasta, salads, veggies, etc. Our favorite is sliced tomatoes. Jalapeno Pickled Garlic - We just use a couple of jalapeno slices in here to give the taste, not the heat of the jalapeno. Drop these in a Bloody Mary... You'll be a hit.
Lemon Garli Garni - This blend of Garli Garni Seasoning and real lemon will spank up any dish you need lemon in. Great on fish, chicken, veggies, and makes the best Bloody Mary you have ever had... Sweet & Spicy Garlic Mustard - What can we say... We had to make it in a larger size just for our mustard lovers. Mmmm, mustard crusted fish... Just a thought...
Garlic Jalapeno Mustard - Once again a sweet and spicy garlic mustard with bits of jalapeno. This makes a very unique Deviled Egg recipe, or just a great sandwich.
California Mop Sauce - This grilling and baking sauce is apple cider vinegar based (for marinating) and no tomato or sugar (won't burn on the grill). Use on all meats or veggies.
Spicy Stir Fry Sauce - White wine based. Loaded with garlic. Almost no oil. BIG flavor. Also use for a marinade for fish, chicken, beef or pork. (Remember just use a little bit to start...)
Garlic Stuffed Olives - Wonderful in any recipe or in martini's. We also offer a Garlic & Jalapeno Stuffed Olive. These have garlic and jalapeno in the same hole. They say it couldn't be done. HA!

Garlic Cooking Wine - This fine white wine has been cured in garlic and then bottled with a couple of cloves of garlic right in the bottle. Use for sauces and sautés, etc.

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